Master B2B SaaS Pricing

Get More Customers. Grow Your Business. Optimize your pricing for growth and engagement for the long-term.

With Subscription Models Expert Robbie Baxter

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One of the hardest parts of building any SaaS business is managing pricing complexity. Customers demand different features, services, pricing models, and expansion terms. But pricing every deal differently can make things difficult and challenging for finance and accounting, as well as for the customer success team as they work to deepen and expand the relationship. The more complicated the pricing structure, the longer it’s going to take to close the deal.

How do you stay flexible for your customers while maintaining pricing integrity?

To help SaaS leaders overcome the challenge of pricing complexity, Chargify partnered with Robbie Kellman Baxter - author of The Membership Economy: Find Your Superusers, Master the Forever Transaction & Build Recurring Revenue, and a subject matter expert on subscription pricing and business models - to create this information-packed webinar and share with you 5 advanced strategies to master B2B SaaS pricing in 60 mins.


Robbie Baxter

Subscription Models Expert | Peninsula Strategies